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What is is an independent company offering lotto players from any country the opportunity to buy tickets of the most popular national and international lotteries and strive for the highest jackpots in the world. Built by a team of professionals dedicated to provide the quickest and most reliable experience to play lottery, at the best price available online from the comfort of your home or on the go, ensuring secure payment methods and commission-free winnings.
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What lotteries can I play?

You can play EuroMillions, Powerball and the Spanish Christmas Lottery. Sign up to stay tuned with the launch of new games on our website!
In the meanwhile discover the lotteries with highest jackpots in the world and learn how each game works: read here how to play EuroMillions, the rules of the Powerball lottery and all the information about the Irish Lotto.


How do I know if I have won a prize?

Shortly after each draw that you played, you will receive an email with the correspondent results and the detail of the prize you won. You can also set in your online player account to always receive an email with the draw results even if you have not played. Alternatively, you can see all your tickets and winnings in the player account or check here the latest EuroMillions results with the full prize breakdown of the draw.
Moreover you can see here the latest results of other international lotteries and, in the case you have won big, start celebrating! But we suggest you to keep calm and follow these essential tips to avoid any issue with your prize and your potential life-change.

How do I claim a prize?

All winnings are automatically credited to your player account shortly after the draw. Big prizes are directly transferred to your private bank account without any commissions.

Are lottery winnings taxable?

Most countries do not tax winnings. However, we advise you to check whether gambling is taxable in your country of residence.

Account and Billing

What payment options and currencies are accepted?

We accept credit and debit cards and all currencies. Transactions are made in Euros.

How do I track my past played games?

In the Tickets area of your player account you can find a summary of all your past games.


What should I do if I am experiencing technical problems?

You can send us a message through our contact form describing in detail your problem, which kind of device, browser and operative system you are using, and possibly provide a screenshot of the issue.

I have forgotten my password and I cannot login. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password you can easily reset it. If your account has already been blocked please contact our customer support to resolve the problem.

How can I disable email notifications?

In the Email Settings area of your player account you can easily configure your email notifications preferences.


Is there a minimum age for purchasing a ticket?

To be eligible to play EuroMillions or other lotteries, all participants must be 18 years or over (16+ in the UK).

Can I play lotto on from any country?

Yes. Anyone from around the world can play through on the condition that playing a foreign lottery is not prohibited in their country of residence.